The Consortium for Global Understanding (CFGU) is a full service management consultancy that specializes in global effectiveness, primarily global diversity & inclusion and intercultural communcation consulting and training services. We work with companies to:

  • Increase global workforce performance and engagement that will drive business success and create competitive advantage.
  • Create inclusive, highly engaged work environments that unleash untapped human potential.

Global Approach
We believe that having a global team from the outset is a critical success factor for creating and implementing global effectiveness solutions that are impactful and achieve your desired outcomes.

We are able to assess a company's global dynamics from the perspectives of the regions and countries involved, and then create solutions that will increase worldwide performance.

We leverage the strengths and expertise of our global team to develop customized consulting and training services that meet your specific and unique needs. As a global team, we live what we teach; we are constantly working cross-culturally in our collaborations with each other.

Recognized Expertise
Our global team brings:

  • World-class experts in diversity & inclusion and multicultural performance improvement;
  • A successful track record of global effectiveness consulting and training;
  • Extensive experience implementing complex, large-scale, multi-year rollouts;
  • Tried and true content and approach that can be customized to meet your specific needs and objectives;
  • A global design team to ensure the training design is consistent globally, yet flexible to be tailored to country-specific issues and needs; and
  • A global implementation team to effectively manage the implementation of a global training rollout.

CFGU's Mission
To create highly engaged and inclusive work environments where people can be whole, authentic and fully engage their skills, talents and abilities to drive innovation, creativity and business success.

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